Enjoy a Wine Tour!

When visiting Niagara most visitors have no idea that this beautiful region is famous for wine making. It’s so picturesque with all the vines, fruit orchards and amazing sunsets.

You will want to enjoy an afternoon wine tour to discover some unique hidden away secret gem cottage style wineries. Observe how wine is made at a winery. Enjoy an extensive tour of one winery learning all about the history of wine making and Ice winemaking, enjoy a structured wine tasting, see the grapes growing in the vineyards, view a barrel cellar and taste many different varietals of wine. Judge for yourself which ones are your favorites.

If the weather is nice you will be escorted to vineyards to see the different types of grapes growing and how they are harvested and crushed and stored inside the barrel cellar. You might even meet the winemaker if one is available. Or if you have time enjoy a relaxing decadent dinner tour prepared by a very popular well trained winery chef.

Excellent value and memorable experience for sure!

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